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Cross Pen Styles for any Profession

It’s no secret that Cross is constantly coming out with new pen styles trying to meet everyone’s needs! Here are a few examples of certain pen finishes that I think would be great for certain working professionals in need of a sturdy and long-lasting pen:

Tech 3 – Teachers

With the capability to switch from black pen, to pencil, to red pen…the Cross Tech 3 pen is perfect for teachers switching from writing up assignments, taking notes, and grading papers.

Cross Tech 3 Pens

Classic Century Satin Chrome – The Service (Army, Navy, Air Force, ect.)

This Cross pen looks like no other; unique bevels on the barrel create an intense look and are great for an extra grip. The Classic Century comes individually or in a pen and pencil set.

Cross Classic Century Pen

Tech 4 –Mechanics

Similar to the Tech 3 but with an added blue ball point pen, the Tech 4 has even more writing changeability. Great for jotting down notes and measurements, the Tech 4 is the perfect pen for mechanics.

Cross Tech 4 Pen

Calais –Pilots

With a wide variety of colors, and option between pen or pencil this pen is a favorite of pilots (as is the Cross Aventura). Why not have a nice personalized pen or pencil and sport your airlines colors?

Cross Calais Pens

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