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Die-struck Emblems vs. Silk-screen Emblems

When you want to display a certain logo on a pen, one of the best ways to do that is with an emblem. However, sometimes it is difficult to decide between a die-struck or a silk-screen emblem.

Here is some information to help better explain the differences between die-struck and silk-screen emblems:

Die-struck emblems
- Brass stamped with a die
- Gold or silver plated
- Sprayed or color-filled
- Best with fewer colors

die stuck cross pen emblem


Silk-screen emblems
-Silk-screen print
-Covered with an epoxy dome
-Good for logos with design details and print graphics
-Allows for more colors

silk screen cross pen emblem

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***If you're interested ordering Cross pens with emblems but aren't sure what you want, we would be happy to help you and create some different design options. Call: 866.448.0191