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New Pens and Finishes at Cross in 2012

Cross, as always, released some new pen lines and finishes for the 2012 year.

The new pen lines are the Bailey and the Tech 4. The new finishes come in the Calais line.

Cross Bailey Pen Cross Bailey Pen in Red Lacquer
Cross Tech4 Lustrous Chrome Cross Tech4 in Lustrous Chrome
Cross Calais Pens in Green Lacquer Cross Calais Pens in Green Lacquer


The Cross Bailey comes in three finishes; Medalist, Black Lacquer, and Red lacquer. It is a very modern looking pen and you can find it on our website at the above link. The Medalist and the Red Lacquer pens come in a ballpoint or a rolling ball (gel) writing style. The Black Lacquer comes in ballpoint, rolling ball (gel) or fountain pen writing style. The price one these pens ranges from $23.45-$50.00.

The Cross Tech 4 is a twist on the Tech 3 line you can find these pens on our web site at the link to the left. This pen has four writing options in one. You can use a 0.7 pencil, red medium ball point, blue medium ball point, or black medium ball point whenever you want. The eraser pops right out of the end of the pen when the pencil is in use. This pen comes in three finishes; Performance Black Smooth Touch, Formula Red Smooth Touch, and Lustrous Chrome. The pen price ranges from $50.25-$60.00

The Cross Calais has always come in Chrome/Blue, Chrome/Black, and Two Tone Chrome. This year they have released the Chrome/Green and Chrome/Red finishes. This is the same great pen with a few more color options.

If you have any questions about these pens please fell free to contact us at or call 866-448-0191

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