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What type of engraving should you pick on your Cross Pen?

People are always calling in and asking us what type of engraving should they pick on there pen. The short answer is this. If you want the pen engraved but want it to be very subtle, then you should go with laser engraving. If you want the engraving to stick out on the pen you want to go with the deep cut.

Deep cut engraving is what it sounds like, the engraving is cut deep into the pen. The engraver then goes back and fills in the engraved area with a color of your choice. This type of engraving is nice if you really want the engraving to be bold and have high contrast to the pen.

Laser engraving is a surface engraving. The laser takes a very small bit of the surface off of the pen. If you rub your finger over the engraving you will barley be able to feel it. This engraving is very subtle on metal pens and gives a tone on tone look. On the colored pens the base metal on the pen will show through and make the engraving appear to be gold.

Drag engraving is done with a diamond tip engraving machine. The engraving will only show the outlines of the letters and is also very subtle. If you run your finger across this engraving you will be able to feel where the tip of the engraver ran. This is a tone on tone engraving on all of the metal pens.

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