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Political Clip Emblems on Cross Pens

Cross Pen Political Emblems - Democrat, Republican, American Flag Corporate Gift Pens offers you a great way to support your party. You are able to reward and recognize donors, staffers and loyal supporters, without expensive set-ups. As you can see above, there are several existing political stock emblem designs which can be ordered on any Cross pen that supports the clip emblem feature. Over the years, we have assisted many political candidates in promoting their party affiliation and saved them money in the process by using these great stock emblems. Our relationship with Cross Writing Instruments allows us to add the same clip emblem to a variety of pen models to meet the minimum order of 24 pens to prevent less than minimum charges. To meet the minimum order quantity you can mix and match pens of your choice. For example, if you need to recognize 17 hard working staffers and wanted to get them a nice pen, but not too expensive, you could have 17 pieces of the Classic Century model created with the US Flag emblem. At the same time you would like to recognize half a dozen mid range donors with some Century II's that also have the US Flag emblem. Last but not least you have a key Donor who deserve the best of the best, so you would complete the minimum quantity with a Townsend rolling ball pen with the US Flag emblem. If you need help putting an order together with any of our standard emblems, or a unique emblem not seen here just give us a call at 866-448-0191. We want you to know that when you call us, you will be connected with an experienced customer service representative who will help you make the process painless!

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