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How to get key customers to your booth with a trade show giveaway ideas

Cross Pen Refill for Trade Show GiveawayWe have a great idea for those of you trying to get key customers into your booth at your next trade show. We have used this in the past as a trade show giveaway idea and it works wonders.

What gets someone to want to come to your booth?
It is the knowledge that they are going to get something that they want and or need. So how do you do this? Just send out a Cross Pen refill prior to the trade show to the people you want to entice to come to your booth.

This is a great way to give away something that your potential client will be interested in.
The note can be very simple... "If you would like the pen that goes with this refill, please stop by our booth and the show us your refill. We will give you the pen to go with it as long as you let us talk to you for a minute or two about how we can help your company."

You can order the refills at, and start shopping for the pens to give out at to clients you want to see at the trade show with a note.

If you have any questions on how this works please feel free to give us a call at 1-866.448.0191. Our wonderful staff would be happy to help you out.