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How to Refill Cross Pens

Whether you are refilling a Cross ballpoint pen refill, a rollerball Selectip refill, or a Cross Switch-it refill, the process is the same. The steps below explain how to refill Cross pens in detail, to make the process painless! If you need a Cross pen refill, you can purchase one through our website at discounted refill pricing.

1) Locate the seam in the middle of the pen

2) Twist the opposite ends of the pen in opposite directions

3) Pull the two ends of the pen apart after twisting, set the cap aside

4) Holding the opened barrel of the pen, you will see a plastic colored cap (it will be black, or blue, etc.), twist this piece counter-clockwise

5) Pull the old refill out of the barrel

6) Unwrap new refill and insert into barrel, twist clockwise to secure

7) Replace cap, twist clockwise until tightened

After all 7 steps are completed, your Cross pen is ready to write again! If you have any questions, please feel free to call us as 866-448-0191.