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The Benefit of Recognition, Motivate Employees with a Corporate Cross Pen

At Corporate Gift Pens and Corporate Award Source, we sincerely believe in the importance of recognition (especially in the workplace). It is a key building block in the structure of any company, and will keep your company or organization stable and supported. By utilizing corporate awards and recognition in your company structure, you may be making a greater impact than you think.

If you would like to support and grow your company, a simple way to start would be by appropriately recognizing your employees for their hard work, efforts and achievements. An easy place to start...perhaps with an engraved Cross pen. A corporate gift pen with company logo or name is a classy way to recognize employees and keep the company name strong! Engraved Cross pens can be given as sales awards, recognition awards, service awards, etc.

What's the impact? It's motivation and productivity. How to achieve this with your employees in the workplace: recognition, recognition, recognition! Here are some eye-opening statistics:

According to The Social Work Place:

-78% of workers in the US said being recognized motivates them

-49% said they would rather work for a company that recognizes their efforts and achievements

-65% of employees who were satisfied with their jobs said they would work even harder if recognized

With such statistics, there is no doubt that recognition in the work place is key. Get started today, call us at 866.448.0191