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Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas and Tips

Here is a list of a few corporate holiday gift ideas, great for every year. Reference this list of ideas and tips when you want the perfect gift that will "wow" everyone at the holiday season!

First things first though, lets clarify two different plans of action for successful yearly corporate gift giving:

  1. 1. Give a new and exciting gift every year OR
  2. 2. Find a great gift that everyone loves and stick with it! (This only works if it's a gift that can be given every year, perhaps with slight variations. For example, chocolates, wine, gift pens, drinkware, etc.)

Important things to keep in mind during gift giving season:

  • -who are these gifts for? Gifts should always be age and gender appropriate; think about the demographic.
  • -is this something they could actually use? Just because a gift might be corporate, doesn't mean you should be throwing money down the drain; give a gift that someone will actually enjoy and be able to use.
  • -am I spending the right amount on this gift? This is a touchy subject for some people, make sure you aren't over or under spending! You don't want to give your work partner of 20 years a $10 gift card. That just doesn't make sense.
  • -should I ship the gift or hand deliver? This one is pretty simple - if the gift recipient is within driving distance or you know you will see them soon, give the gift in person. Actions speak louder than anything else; hand delivery is priceless.

With all of that said, here is a list of gift ideas that we know and love:

Champagne Flute Gift Set
Bear and Bull Key Chain
Cross Tech 3 Stylus Pen
Wine Bottle Opener Gift Set
Cross Blue Writing Journal
Crystal Clock with Brass Face
Cross Calais Pen and Pencil Set

If would like more gift ideas, feel free to contact us at anytime. 866.448.0191