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Review of the Cross Century Copper Antimicrobial Ballpoint Pen

Recently, we received a review  from a customer that ordered the Cross Century Copper Ballpoint pen.  They loved this pen so much that they wrote us a special review - declaring this Cross pen as their new favorite.  If you are trying to decide whether the Cross Century Copper Ballpoint pen if the right Cross pen for you, then this review might lend a helping hand.

"I just love my new Cross Century Copper Ballpoint pen! When I found out that it kills bacteria within two hours of contact and continues throughout the entire day, I knew it was the pen for me.  I take this pen with me everywhere and don't mind when I have to lend it out because I know it will clean itself! I would definitely suggest this pen to anyone that works with the public. It would be a great pen to have in doctors offices, banks, and stores.  Since I work in a hospital, it is the perfect pen for me (and since I am constantly minding germs).  

I love the copper color and how polished the surface of the Cross Century Copper pen is. I have had this pen for a few months now and even after lots of use - it still looks new! (However, I do like to polish it every now and then with a soft cloth.)  I've received numerous compliments on how elegant this pen looks and writes. 

Cross pens never disappoint me, they have a quality to them that other pen lines just don't seem to have! My entire family buys Cross pens.  Like all of other pens we have bought - the Century Copper Ballpoint pen didn't disappoint!  Thanks Corporate Gift Pens!!"

Erin V.

Naperville, IL

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