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What if My Cross Pen Doesn't Work?

What if my Cross pen doesn't work? What if my Cross pen is broken?  These are questions that you may find yourself asking but don't fret! There is a simple solution.

For pens that are not working, malfunctioning, or broken you can call Cross directly for assistance.  Many times, these problems can be resolved over the phone, or by mailing your pen in to Cross Company for repair.  To contact the Cross Repairs Department directly,  you can call 1-800-561-1621 or email them at

However, please note that some things may not be covered by your Cross pen warranty such as things like normal wear and tear from use or tarnishing after time.  How do you clean a tarnished Cross pen?  Stay tuned for our next blog entry!

As always, if you have general product questions, feel free to call us at Corporate Gift Pens for more information! 866.448.0191

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