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Gift Pens with Custom Logo on Clip

While having the task of ordering custom gift pens for your company or organization can be daunting - it is actually a simple process!

When a custom design is added to the clip of a pen, it is called a "clip emblem".  Clip emblems seem much more complex than ordering pens with engraving, however, the process of ordering is actually the same!  Corporate Gift Pens (Acclaim Products, Inc.) has been working with Cross pens for over 20 years and we have the process down to a science.  If you're stressing about ordering pens with a custom logo on the clip, just follow the simple steps below:


Step 1 - Select Your Pen

All Cross pens have the capability to have a logo added to the clip (except for the Cross Peerless 125).  So, that makes picking a pen easy! You will be able to pick from a wide variety of styles and colors - any Cross pen on our site!  Once you have a pen picked out (or perhaps narrowed down the selection to a few pens), you are ready for step 2.


Step 2 - Email Your Logo Artwork

Most people feel uncomfortable placing a custom order online, so I always suggest - sent your artwork in first!  If you email your artwork to, along with basic information such as the pen you have picked out, then we will email you back FREE layouts!  How cool is that?  Free layouts of designs that we know will look great on the pens  - and you can request as many free revisions as you want.


Step 3 - Quote/Place Your Order

After emailing in your artwork and deciding on a layout, there are two choices: request a quote or place your order.  While working on the pen layouts, you will be in contact with a personal representative that will be working with you from start to finish.  So it is easy to request a quote, ask questions, and you can even place your order via email or over the phone with your personal representative.


Step 4 - Pat Yourself on the Back

It's done! You've completed the seemingly complex task of ordering custom pens with emblems - woah, that was easy!


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