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Pen Engraving Information

Please CALL us 866-448-0191 to confirm AVAILABLITY before you place you order- there are materials shortages that affect daily inventory!


All pens can be engraved.  To engrave a pen:
1) Shop our website
2) Pick your pen
3) Add engraving using the tabs on the pen page 
Individual pen orders and large quantity orders. You do not need to be a corporation or business to order pens from us. 
All engraving is only $5.00 per pen, per line.

Engraving production time is approximately 7-10 business days, please call for rush orders.  

You can personalize your Cross pen with any text you want, as long as it is within 22 characters per line (this includes spaces and punctuation).

Each pen can have up to two lines of engraving (up to 22 characters each).

If you need a few more characters on a line, or more than two lines of engraving please call us at 866-448-0191 for assistance in placing your order.


Laser Engraving

Engraved using a laser (only on metal surfaces). The engraving that you see is actually the result of the laser chemically reacting with the metal surface of the pen. It is smooth to the touch and looks very subtle. It usually is a tone-on-tone color ranging from a luminescent champagne to grey color.

Deep cut Engraving

Engraved with a deep cutting machine, then hand painted with a color fill of your choice. With this style, you can feel the ridges of the engraving when you run your finger over it. Usually, the color fill color is chosen to match the appointments/details of the pen. Ex. If the pen is black with a gold clip, tip, top and gold center band, then the engraving looks best with a gold color fill to match.

Drag Engraving

Done using a diamond-tip engraving machine. This type of engraving is also subtle, but instead of smooth like laser engraving, the tip of the engraving machine cuts lines into the pen metal that can be felt and seen.



This particular font is very common and works well as a “go to” font if you aren’t sure which one to pick. Block font is very similar to an Arial or Calibri style font. It looks nice in upper and lower case, or ALL CAPS is also very popular.


Script font is very stylized. The Script font that Cross uses resembles cursive handwriting; it is a bit more on the feminine side but could be used for men or women. This particular Script font is best in upper and lower case – we DO NOT recommend all caps.

Times Regular:

This font is what you generally see in newspapers and books. It is a semi-detailed font with small feet and hooks on the appropriate letters. Times Regular font is a nice median between the plain Block font, and the detailed Script font.